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How to make DIY Softbox with a regulator

Updated: Aug 9

On our YouTube Channel, we made a video on "How to make a DIY Softbox at home" which you can see on our channel. This project is an upgrade to that previous video only.

There is nothing more to discuss...

We just need to add a regulator in series in a power wire which could variably transfer the power to the bulb.

  1. ​First, you have to get a shoebox. 

  2. Now, paste the aluminum foil inside the shoebox.

  3. Now, pierce a hole in the center of the shoebox.

  4. Paste a bulb holder there and use a LED bulb there.

  5. Add a regulator to the wire of the bulb.

  6. Add a plug at the end of the wire of the bulb. Everything is done. 

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