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How to #make a #Pocket #Smartphone #Stand - First #Wood #Working Project

Updated: May 27, 2020

In this project, I attempt to try myself in wood working projects, which I never did. Moreover in this video, I was outstation and was not equipped with my actual tool kit. So I did whatever I could with tool handy with me. I also did not have any camera stand at the moment, due to which have to shoot video with one hand while other was busy making. So please bear with me, if the video seems shaky to you. Thanks for hearing me out. Now let's proceed to the video.

Actually, idea for this video came to me while I was in the kitchen helping my mom in some cooking and chores. While she was cooking something from some video from YouTube, her phone kept falling and she was not able to watch make as same time. So this made my mind think that why not make her a new stand for her phone with least supplies I have handy.

I started with a plank of wood and started craving a triangle on it and cut it out with a saw as you can see in the video. After that you can take the measurement of the thickness of the phone you need to use with it or you can just make pretty much open that every phone can fit in it.

After all the cutting, then we come to process of the sanding and polishing. Again it is up to you how you want to make it and everything.

Finally... After a little bit of decoration, your #phone #stand is ready.

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