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How to Make a Mobile Phone Charger | DIY Simple Power Bank

In this video, I made a simple power bank using household items and a 9V battery lying around.

Things Required -

9V Battery

Car Phone Charger

Plastic Box Container

USB Cable

Hot Glue Gun


Procedure -

  1. First of all, make a hole in the container considering the measurement of the USB port.

  2. Now, open the plastic covering of the car phone charger with the help of the screwdriver to get the inner circuit board of the charger.

  3. Now, attach the wires to the terminals of the charger.

  4. From the two wires of the charger attach one wire to the switch and from the other terminal of the switch connect it to the battery.

  5. Now, from the other terminal of the battery attach the wire to the charger circuit.

  6. Secure everything with the help of a hot glue gun.


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