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How to make a DIY Paper Cutter easily at home

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

This DIY project is very easy to make that even kids can make it for just educational purposes but under adult supervision as it includes dealing with sharp objects that could hurt them.

Things Required - Shaving Blade, Ice Cream Sticks, Glue, Tape (optional)

The process to make it is as follows- 

  1. Firstly, under adult supervision, cut off the blade as given in the picture.

  2. Now, using ice cream sticks having glue on it, sandwich the blade in them.

  3. Leave it to dry.

  4. Then after that, using tape tightens them up nicely. 

  Now your DIY stationery knife for cutting is ready... WATCH THIS VIDEO TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO MAKE IT 

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