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DIY Leonardo da Vinci Popsicle Stick Bridge model

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

In this video, I made a model of Leonardo Da Vinci Bridge with the help of popsicle sticks.

What is Leonardo Da Vinci Bridge?

  • In the early 1500s, Leonardo da Vinci designed a hypothetical bridge for the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. It was rejected.

  • Over 500 years later, an MIT team has recreated the design with a model and have shown that it would have worked.

  • Da Vinci's design incorporates architectural techniques that would have not been seen for another 300 years.

Researchers at MIT have proven Leonardo da Vinci correct yet again, this time involving his design for what would have been at the time a revolutionary bridge design. Although clients rejected da Vinci's work at the time, over 500 years later, the researchers have proven that his bridge would have worked.

Da Vinci's sketches and letters to the Sultan regarding the bridge can be found in what's known as Manuscript L, a small Codex stored in the Institut de France in Paris. Da Vinci wrote that

I, your faithful servant, understand that it has been your intention to erect a bridge from Galata (Pera) to Stambul… across the Golden Horn (‘Haliç”), but this has not been done because there were no experts available. I, your subject, have determined how to build the bridge. It will be a masonry bridge as high as a building, and even tall ships will be able to sail under it.

"It's the power of geometry" that makes it work, she says. "This is a strong concept. It was well thought out." Further tests showed that the bridge could have even stood its own against earthquakes to an extent far beyond other bridges at the time.

There are still mysteries surrounding the project. "Was this sketch just freehanded, something he did in 50 seconds, or is it something he really sat down and thought deeply about? It's difficult to know."

While it's difficult to know da Vinci's intentions, one thing is now relatively certain: the bridge would have worked. (SOURCE - Popular Mechanics)

Now, in this video, I tried to do the same experiment but instead of 3D printing the model (which is actually not in my financial reach) I used the world-class technology for that which is popsicle sticks.

It is really fun trying these kinds of projects on your own. You must try as well.

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